Managing Sales


In the Manage Sales page, you can see an overview of all your orders, from active orders to past orders.

  • Once logged in, click Selling > Orders.

Here are the following statuses:

  • PRIORITY: These are orders, which require additional actions, such rejected orders, late orders, etc.
  • NEW: These are new orders you've received.
  • ACTIVE: These are orders you are currently working on (In Progress), or an order that was placed, but information wasn't submitted so it hasn't started yet.
  • LATE: These are orders, which have yet to be delivered (24 hours after the delivery date).
  • DELIVERED: These are all the orders you've delivered, but are not yet marked as completed by the buyer.
  • COMPLETED: These are all the orders you've completed. Clicking on the order in the list will take you to that ordered.
  • CANCELLED: These are all the cancelled orders, whether by mutual cancellation or Customer Support cancellation.
  • STARRED: These are order, which you’ve highlighted as important.


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