Viewing Your Revenue


In the Earnings page, you can get an overview of all your revenue, from pending to cleared funds.

You can also withdraw your available funds. For more information, see Withdrawing Funds.

To view your revenues:

  • Once logged in, click Selling > Earnings.

Here are the following revenue statuses:

  • ACTIVE ORDERS: This shows the total amount of money from active and delivered orders. For example, if you have an active order of $5, and delivered one order for $10, then your active orders will be $15.
  • Net Income: This shows all the money you have earned to date on GigTricks (not including upcoming earnings).
  • Withdrawn: This shows all the money you withdrew to date.
  • Used for Purchases: This shows all the money used from your sales balance to order gigs.
  • Pending Clearance: This shows all the money you will received after the 14 day waiting period (seven days for TRS).
  • Available for Withdrawal: This shows all the money available for withdrawal. This is figured by the money earned minus the withdrawals, money used to order Gigs, and money pending clearance.

Note: You can also filter the list by the above statuses.

Statuses within the List

  • Funds Pending Clearance (PENDING CLEARANCE):This is revenue from orders, which is pending the 14-day clearance period (seven days for TRS).
  • Funds Cleared (CLEARED):This is revenue from orders, which has been cleared for withdrawal. If you performed a withdrawal, these amounts will still appear in the list.

Note: If a purchase was added to the initial order (i.e. a Gig Extra was ordered), it will be displayed as two separate entries.

  • Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer (CANCELLED REVENUES): This is revenue, which was cancelled either by Customer Support or by Mutual Cancellation, and was returned to the buyer.
  • Order Revenue: This is revenue from an existing order. Once the order is completed, another entry will be created for PENDING CLEARANCE.
  • Withdrawal Cancelled, Funds Returned to Your Balance: This occurs when a withdrawal was cancelled. If this happens, funds will be returned to your balance.
  • Withdrawal Initiated: When you withdraw funds, this amount will show in red with a minus, which indicates the money was taken out.
  • Withdrawal Completed Successfully: When your withdrawal is completed successfully, this amount will show in green, which indicates the money was successfully withdrawn.
  • Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending: Because of actions by our Customer Support team, you may see previously cleared funds returned to the pending status.
  • Gigs Purchased from Revenue: This shows money used from your sales balance to order Gigs.

If you have available funds, in the WITHDRAW field, you can click PayPal Account to withdraw to your PayPal account, GigTricks Revenue Card to withdraw to your Gig Tricks credit card, Bank Transfer to transfer money to your local bank, or Direct Deposit, which is only available in the U.S.

Note: You must first set up PayPal, Gig Tricks Revenue Card™, Bank Transfer, or Direct Deposit to withdraw funds.


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