Offering Source Files


You can offer source files as an extra when setting up your Gig. If the buyer purchases the source file Gig extra, you just need to upload the source files when delivering your order.


  • If the buyer didn't select the source file extra, you still have the option to upload source files when delivering and it will be offered for sale.
  • Files will not be available for download unless paid for by the buyer. We recommend that you upload the source files in every delivery.
  • The source file extra is available in certain categories only. 

To enable the source file extra:

  1. When defining extras in your Gig, mark the checkbox next to the SOURCE FILE 
    If the buyer purchases this Gig extra, you will see it in the order page.
  2. Within the Order page, you can click DELIVER YOUR ORDER at the top or scroll down to the bottom and click DELIVER NOW.
  3. To attach your file, click Upload Work.
  4. To attach your source files, click Upload Source Files.

    Note: The single file limit is up to 100 MB. Your total files can add up to 150 MB. 
  5. In the DESCRIBE WHAT YOU’VE DONE field, write a brief description of your delivery.
  6. Click DELIVER WORK.


  • If you are not ready to deliver your work, you can click Save Draft to save what you have done. When you are ready, you can reopen this delivery and deliver your work.
  • If a buyer is not satisfied with the delivery or would like a revision, you will see redeliver your work. Click REDELIVER NOW and then on the order page, click DELIVER MODIFIED WORK.


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