Viewing Your Orders


Viewing orders you've placed can be done on the Manage Orders page where you can also click through to your order status.

To view orders:

  • Once logged in, click Buying > Orders.
  • In the Manage Orders page, you have the following statuses:
  • MISSING DETAILS: These are orders you've placed, but didn't yet submitted information for the seller to start the order.
  • AWAITING MY REVIEW: These are orders, which have been completed and are waiting for you to provide a review of the seller.
  • ACTIVE: These are orders you've recently made and are still in process.
  • DELIVERED: These are orders, which you've placed and have been delivered by the seller.
  • COMPLETED: These are orders, which have been delivered by the seller and accepted by you as a completed order.
  • CANCELLED: These are all cancelled orders, whether by customer support or mutually cancelled orders.
  • Notes:
  • You can use the search box to the right to search orders, users, and messages.
  • You can also filter your orders according to the statuses above by selecting a status in the FILTER BY field.
  • Clicking an order on the list takes you to the order details.
  • Sellers may find their orders under Selling > Manage Sales.


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