Creating Your Profile


Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. Therefore, in addition to representing yourself as a seller, you represent the GigTricks community and are expected to behave in a professional manner.

Our marketplace is built on trust. Providing false, inaccurate, or misleading information in your profile and Gig will lead to the suspension of your account.


You should honestly and accurately represent yourself. Complete your profile description by describing yourself and the services you offer.


Add skills, which best support the Gig service you provide. During the ordering process, your skills will be verified by us and by our buyers, so please make sure to only add relevant skills.


Make sure your current location is accurately listed.

Usage of VPN or proxy services to misrepresent your location may result in the suspension of your account.


To work with GigTricks, your command of the English language (speaking and writing) must be at a high level. Your mother tongue does not necessarily have to be English, but we expect sellers to communicate in the platform with a proficient level of English-speaking skills.

You can add up to four languages. Only add languages in which you can communicate proficiently. The success of your business depends on this.

Profile Image

Your profile image should be unique and real. Avoid using images from the web; you should not use copyrighted images.

Education and Certifications

You should add only the degrees and certifications you’ve earned. Make sure you are able to present them to the GigTricks Team (Marketplace Integrity/Editorial/Support) if asked.


Add your own portfolio links/images, and use only materials that were created by you, with permission from clients and buyers.


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