• The delivered work should be as described in the order, taking into account the buyer’s requirements and input resulting in delivering high-quality work.
  • A seller should only offer and deliver items, which they can create on their own, and make sure to not violate other seller Terms & Conditions.  
  • A seller must make sure their Gig delivery time is aligned with the capacity of work they can handle.
  • A seller should aim to deliver high-quality work regardless of the order’s amount or delivery deadline.
  • If necessary, a seller can extend the order delivery time through the Resolution Center.
  • Late deliveries not only harms the buyer’s satisfaction, it can also affect their business needs when they don’t receive the work on time.
  • A seller must not deliver irrelevant files just to stop the order’s clock. This is a blatant violation of GigTricks’s Terms of Service.
  • GigTricks recommends that a seller delivers their orders in a format that can be seen by the Live Gallery feature. Buyers can always choose to not share their order on the Live Gallery, but it’s important for sellers to share their relevant work as much as possible.
  • A seller must deliver their files via GigTricks’s platform rather than external cloud platforms (e.g. Dropbox).
  • The buyer is granted all intellectual property rights with your delivered work (unless otherwise stated in your Gig), and should be kept confidential. Keep in mind, the buyer has the option whether or not to allow it to be displayed in your GigTricks portfolio.


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