Managing Your Favorites (collections)


GigTricks allows you to save Gigs that you like by adding them to your favorites. You must be logged in to add a Gig to your favorites.

To add a Gig to your favorites:

  • When browsing the marketplace, place your mouse over the bottom left corner of Gig that you like. In each Gig, you have two icons: the Save in icon and the Add to Favorites 

Save in

  1. If you click Save in, you can add the the Gig to the “Gigs I Love” collection or to create a new collection, by clicking Add Collection.
  2. Name your new collection and click OK.


  • If you click Favorite, the Gig will be added to your default collection.
  • Note: When clicking Favorite, your heart icon is filled. To remove that Gig from your favorites, just click the heart icon again.

To manage your collections:

  1. Once logged in, click Buying > Favorites.
  2. To make a new collection, click Create a New Collection.
  3. Enter the name and click Create.
  4. Clicking on an existing collection takes you to that collection. There are two tabs:
    • All Gigs: This lists all the Gigs you have collected.
    • Active Gigs: This lists all the active Gigs (i.e. available to purchase) in your collection.
  1. To order all the Gigs in your collection, click the Add Collection to Cart button.
  2. Note: You can also edit the title of your collection or delete your collection.



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