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How do I buy Gigs using the app?
To purchase a Gig, simply click on the "Order" on the Gig page. Adding Gig Extras or Ordering Multiples can be added to your $5 order with the "Add Gig Extras" and "Extra Quantity" sections below the Seller's Gig description. Once you click on the Order button, you are redirected to the payment page to complete the purchase with your preferred payment method or if you have Single Click Payments enabled, the order will be created instantly.

What is the difference between the app and the site?
The GigTricks Mobile App enables users to browse and purchase over 3.5 million Gigs offered on Users can communicate with each other through the App on the fly to help create and manage orders. Future updates will include more features that are exclusive to the full site. 

What are my payment options on the app?
Currently you can purchase Gigs via your Paypal or credit card (or Apple Pay, if using IOS). You can enable Single Click payments which takes out the hassle of logging in to your Paypal account or choose to log in to Paypal for each purchase.

How do I change my notification settings?
To change the notifications you receive from us, simply go to the Menu section, click on "Settings", scroll down to the Notifications area and enable or disable what you would like to receive from the GigTricks app. These settings are also reflected on the full site.

What's coming soon to the GigTricks app?
In future releases, sellers will be able to create unique mobile Gigs and deliver their completed work to their buyers. There will be more dashboards to help organize your orders, and more.


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